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Last update: 07 April 2015

Sunday 15 March 2015

16h00 – 19h00 Registration
19h00 Welcome Reception

Monday 16 March 2015

08h30 Welcome
08h45 Rychard Bouwens (I) Observations of High Redshift Galaxies  pdf
09h15 Hakim Atek + Jean Paul Kneib Probing the Epoch of Reionization with the Hubble Frontier Fields Clusters  pdf
09h30 Pascal Oesch Probing Galaxy Build-up at the Edge of the Universe: Insights from Ultra-Deep HST and Spitzer Observations  pdf
09h45 Michele Trenti The Brightest Galaxies at Cosmic Dawn  pdf
10h00 Silvio Lorenzoni Lyman-break galaxies in the Epoch of Reionization  pdf
10h15 Derek McLeod Redshift z~9 galaxies in the Hubble Frontier Fields and implications for the high-redshift evolution of the UV luminosity density  pdf
10h30 Coffee Break
11h00 Ryota Kawamata The sizes of z~6-8 lensed galaxies from the Hubble Frontier Fields Abell 2744 data  pdf
11h15 Rebecca Bowler Rapid evolution in the bright end of the galaxy luminosity function between z = 5, 6 and 7  pdf
11h30 Eros Vanzella Investigating star-forming galaxies in the first billion years with deep spectroscopy  pdf
11h45 Laura Pentericci Probing the end of the reionization epoch with high redshift galaxies  pdf
12h00 Ross McLure VANDELS: A deep VIMOS survey of the CANDELS UDS and CDFS fields  pdf
12h15 Poster Vertigo 1
12h45 Lunch
14h30 Andrea Ferrara (I) First Stars and Black Holes in the Reionization Era  pdf
15h00 Masafumi Ishigaki Faint Galaxies at z=5-10 for UV Luminosity Functions and Cosmic Reionization  pdf
15h15 Andrei Mesinger Does reionization cause the rapid drop in galactic Ly-alpha emission at z>~6?  pdf
15h30 Marco Castellano Constraints on reionization from a multi-wavelength analysis of z>6.5 galaxies  pdf
15h45 Jorryt Matthee Revolutionising our understanding of distant Ly-alpha emitters: calibrating Ly-alpha and the evolution of the LF from z~9 to z~2  pdf
16h00 Kasper Schmidt The Grism Lens-Amplified Survey from Space (GLASS): Ly-alpha emitters at the epoch of reionization  pdf
16h15 Lucia Guaita Lyman Continuum Signal from z~3 star-forming galaxies and higher redshift implications  pdf
16h30 Coffee Break
17h00 Marta Volonteri (I) The Assembly of Massive Black Holes in the Early Universe  pdf
17h30 Bram Venemans Illuminating the Dark Ages: Quasars in the Epoch of Reionisation  pdf
17h45 Jose Afonso Towards the first generation of Radio Powerful AGN in the Universe  pdf
18h00 Ilian Iliev Reionization, small-scale structures and radiative feedback  pdf
18h15 Nick Seymour Probing the First Black Holes and Clusters with the Murchison Widefield Array  pdf
18h30 Hugo Messias Finding early radio galaxies: the IR perspective  pdf
18h45 Andrea Grazian Looking for the sources of Reionization at the Edge of the Universe  pdf
19h00 End Day 1

Tuesday 17 March 2015

08h30 Ray Norris Getting the Science from Next-Generation Deep Surveys  pdf
08h45 Anna Weigel The systematic search for z>~5 active galactic nuclei in the Chandra Deep Field South  pdf
09h00 Antonino Cucchiara Tracing metal enrichement using cosmological explosions  pdf
09h15 Enrico Piconcelli The most luminous quasars: probing the AGN/galaxy co-evolution at its extreme  pdf
09h30 Tim Rawle Beyond the Confusion: Enhancing our View at High Redshift with the Herschel Lensing Survey  pdf
09h45 Andrea Cimatti The promise of Euclid to understand galaxy formation and evolution  pdf
10h00 Coffee Break
10h30 Joop Schaye (I) Galaxy Formation: predictions from models  pdf
11h00 Bruno Henriques Galaxy formation in the PLANCK era: Matching the observed evolution of star formation rates, colours and stellar masses across cosmic time  pdf
11h15 Pratika Dayal The first billion years of galaxy formation in cold and warm dark matter cosmologies  pdf
11h30 Shy Genel High-redshift galaxies in the Illustris Simulation  pdf
11h45 Nick Gnedin Cosmic Reionization On Computers  pdf
12h00 Poster Vertigo 2
12h30 Lunch
14h30 Karina Caputi (I) Galaxy Stellar Mass Assembly at High z  pdf
15h00 Olivier Le Fevre Properties of galaxies with 2<z<6+ as seen from the VIMOS Ultra-Deep Survey  pdf
15h15 Danilo Marchesini The Progenitors of Today’s Ultra-massive Galaxies Across Cosmic Time  pdf
15h30 Lidia Tasca Evolution of the brightest and most massive galaxies since z~6  pdf
15h45 Mauro Stefanon New constraints on the abundance of very massive galaxies at 4<z<7 from UltraVISTA and S-COSMOS  pdf
16h00 Janine Pforr The VIMOS Ultra Deep Survey: The UV Luminosity Function up to z~5  pdf
16h15 Jarle Brinchmann The MUSE 3D view of the Hubble Deep Field South  pdf
16h30 Coffee Break
17h00 Adriano Fontana The evolution of high redshift massive galaxies in HUGS/CANDELS  pdf
17h15 James Dunlop The Cosmic History of Star Formation  pdf
17h30 Wouter Karman MUSE integral-field spectroscopy towards the Frontier Fields Cluster Abell S1063  pdf
17h45 Pablo Perez-Gonzalez Reconstructing the formation of massive galaxies from their SHARDS  pdf
18h00 Lee Spitler The ZFOURGE survey: the evolution of galaxies since redshift z=4  pdf
18h15 Alice Mortlock Exploring the evolution of the stellar mass function in the redshift range 1<z<3 with UltraVISTA & UDS  pdf
18h30 Shoubaneh Hemmati Combining spectroscopic and photometric data to study how resolved (kpc-scale) substructures in galaxies govern their global physical properties  pdf
18h45 End Day 2
19h30 Conference Dinner

Wednesday 18 March 2015

09h00 Philip Best (I) The AGN-Galaxy connection out to the highest redshifts  pdf
09h30 Margherita Talia AGN feedback and outflows : the road to star formation quenching  pdf
09h45 Mark Sargent A direct measurement of the gas content of a massive elliptical galaxy in the peak era of galaxy assembly  pdf
10h00 Joao Calhau The growth of typical star-forming galaxies and their super massive black holes across cosmic time: consequences for AGN feedback/quenching  pdf
10h15 Paolo Padovani The faint radio sky: a tale of three populations  pdf
10h30 Tom Muxlow The e-MERGE Galaxy Evolution Survey  pdf
10h45 Coffee Break
11h15 Alexandra Pope (I) Observational signatures of an evolving interstellar medium in high redshift galaxies  pdf
11h45 Nathan Bourne Understanding relationships between star formation rate, stellar mass and obscuration at high redshift with the SCUBA-2 Cosmology Legacy Survey  pdf
12h00 Paola Santini The evolution of the dust and gas content in galaxies  pdf
12h15 Michal Michalowski Towards the complete mass function of dusty galaxies  pdf
12h30 Veronica Sommariva Evolution of stellar metallicity in high redshift galaxies  pdf
12h45 Robert Yates The chemical evolution of galaxies from high to low redshift  pdf
13h00 Poster Vertigo 3
13h30 Lunch
15h00 Sightseeing in Sintra: Quinta da Regaleira

Thursday 19 March 2015

08h30 Bahram Mobasher The MOSDEF Survey: Study of Rest-frame Optical Properties of Galaxies at 1.5 < z < 3.5  pdf
08h45 Olivier Ilbert sSFR functions out to z=1.4 combining the COSMOS and GOODS surveys  pdf
09h00 David Sobral The nature and evolution of star-forming galaxies over the last 11Gyrs with a single, homogeneous selection  pdf
09h15 Tomoko Suzuki Galaxy formation activity just before its peak epoch explored with [OIII] emitters at z > 3  pdf
09h30 Irene Shivaei The MOSDEF Survey: The Star-Forming Main Sequence at z~2  pdf
09h45 Omar Almaini Post-starburst galaxies and the origin of the galaxy bimodality  pdf
10h00 Bitten Gullberg The Nature of [CII] emission in Lensed Dusty Star-forming Galaxies from the SPT survey  pdf
10h15 Coffee Break
10h45 Elisabete da Cunha (I) Modelling the SEDs of galaxies at high redshift: recent progress and future challenges  pdf
11h15 Nimish Hathi The VIMOS Ultra Deep Survey: Ly-alpha Emission and Stellar Populations of Star-Forming Galaxies at 2<z<6  pdf
11h30 Stephane De Barros Star-forming galaxy properties at z~4 and impact of nebular emission: applying lesson from ~2  pdf
11h45 Daniel Schaerer A consistent view on normal star-forming galaxies from z ~ 1.5 to 8 from multi-wavelength observations and SED modeling  pdf
12h00 Esther Marmol-Queralto New insights on the evolution of Halpha equivalent width and sSFR up to z~5  pdf
12h15 Poster Vertigo 4
12h45 Lunch
14h30 Taddy Kodama (I) Proto-clusters at high-z: structures and stellar populations  pdf
15h00 Paola Andreani Witnessing the formation of galaxy clusters at redshift z~3  pdf
15h15 Simona Mei The progenitors of early-type galaxies in clusters and proto-clusters  pdf
15h30 Dominika Wylezalek Galaxy Clusters around radio-loud AGN and their evolution across cosmic time  mp4
15h45 Kate Husband The Environments of z=2.2 Radio Galaxies as Traced by H-alpha Emitters  pdf
16h00 Bjorn Emonts Evolution at the edge: cold molecular CO(1-0) gas in the halos of high-z radio galaxies  pdf
16h15 Guillaume Drouart Localising the star formation in high redshift radio galaxies  pdf
16h30 Coffee Break
17h00 Audrey Galametz Dynamical and structural analysis of a large-scale structure at z = 0.65 in CANDELS UDS  pdf
17h15 Anna Cibinel Identification of High-z Mergers through Resolved Mass Distributions  pdf
17h30 Jun Toshikawa Protoclusters at z~3-6 Probed by Wide-field Imaging  pdf
17h45 Catherine White Galaxy correlation functions in the CANDELS fields  pdf
18h00 Nancy Hine Investigating the acceleration of galaxy growth in a z=3 protocluster  pdf
18h15 Benedetta Vulcani The role of the stellar mass and the environment in shaping galaxy properties at different redshifts  pdf
18h30 Conference Final Remarks
18h45 End of Conference

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