Social Events


Welcome Reception 

There will be a Welcome Reception on Sunday afternoon in Hotel Tivoli Sintra.


Sightseeing in Sintra: Quinta da Regaleira

The afternoon of Wednesday is reserved for sightseeing. We will visit Quinta da Regaleira, a mystic place just a few minutes’ walk from the conference venue. Among several wonderful buildings that are part of Regaleira, you’ll be able to visit the mysterious Initiatic Well, believed to have been used in masonry initiation rituals (hence its name). The well has an underground gallery with a spiral staircase formed by nine terraces that are believed to represent the nine circles of hell, paradise and purgatory, described in Dante’s Divine Comedy. Once you start descending the well, be aware that it is connected by several tunnels to other parts of Regaleira, so don’t be surprised if you resurface in a totally different place.


Conference Dinner

The Conference Dinner will take place on Tuesday evening at Seteais Palace, a neoclassical palace which currently serves as a luxury hotel, restaurant and a tourist attraction. Seteais Palace is also included in the Cultural Landscape of Sintra, listed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.