Poster Presentations

Besides a dedicated poster room, participants will be able to advertise their posters directly to the other conference attendants in the Poster Vertigo Sessions:

Poster Vertigo 1 – Monday, 12h15

Unavoidable uncertainty in the observed luminosity of galaxies at high redshifts  pdf
Anastasia Fialkov

VISTA NB118 narrow-band observations: first results  pdf
Bo Milvang-Jensen

The connexion between galaxy morphology and spectrophotometric properties since z~6  pdf
Bruno Ribeiro

Long GRBs as tools to study galaxy evolution and star formation across the Universe
Susanna Vergani

A Dusty, UV-selected galaxy at z = 7.5  pdf
Darach Watson

Cosmology using Strong Lensing with H-ATLAS: The first steps towards a 1000-lens sample  pdf
Tom Bakx

The most luminous, dusty star-forming galaxies at high redshift discovered by Herschel: the ALMA view  pdf
Rui Marques-Chaves

Poster Vertigo 2 – Tuesday, 12h00

Emission line galaxies from the SHARDS medium-band ultra deep survey
Antonio Cava

The Extremely Wide-Field gzK Galaxy Survey
Shogo Ishikawa

Evolution of the Hβ+[OIII] and [OII] Luminosity Functions and the [OII] Star-Formation History of the Universe up to z ∼ 5 from HiZELS
Ali Khostovan

Extremely red K – [3.6] galaxies: a candidate passive population at z ~ 6
Ken Mawatari

The formation of Passive Disc Galaxies found at redshifts between 1 and 3 pdf
Hugo Messias

Progenitor Study of Milky-Way-Like Galaxies over the Cosmic High Noon pdf
Takahiro Morishita

The faint end of the UV luminosity function of z~2 galaxies from the HST and the ground-based observations  pdf
Shegy Parsa

Properties of Submillimeter Galaxies in a Semi-analytic Model using the “Count Matching” Approach: Application to the ECDF-S  pdf
Alejandra Muñoz Arancibia

Poster Vertigo 3 – Wednesday, 13h00

Giants towards the Edge of the Universe: Mpc-scale radio galaxies at low and high redshift  pdf
Heinz Andernach

The Co-evolution of QSOs and Galaxies  pdf
Roger Coziol

Emission Line Galaxies in CANDELS: Equivalent Width Distributions from Broadband Photometry at z<2  pdf
Joao Ferreira

First IR-based implications for the dust attenuation and star formation of typical LAEs  pdf
Haruka Kusakabe

Probing the spatial distribution of star formation in distant ULIRG with ALMA
Roger Leiton

The evolution of faint radio sources in the XMM-LSS field
Kim McAlpine

The Nature of the MicroJy Radio Source Population
Emmanuel Ocran

Hot-dust (690 K) Luminosity Density and its Evolution in the Last 7.5 Gyr  pdf
Joana Oliveira

Comparison of FIR properties between BAL and non-BAL AGN pdf
Lura Pitchford

Integral Field Spectroscopy of the Interacting Radio Galaxy PKS 1934-63  pdf
Nathan Roche

The black hole – host galaxy relation for very low-mass quasars  pdf
Jimit Sanghvi

The Formation and Evolution of Cosmic Dust pdf
Tsutomu Takeuchi

Exploring the faint source population at 15.7 GHz  pdf
Imogen Whittam

Poster Vertigo 4 – Thursday, 12h15

Structural Evolution of H-alpha selected galaxies from HiZELS
Ana Afonso

The reversal of the star formation – density relation in a high redshift galaxy cluster  pdf
Bruno Altieri

The low surface brightness haloes of massive galaxies in ultradeep imaging and their relative importance pdf
Fernando Buitrago

Construction of the Spectral Energy Distribution Model of Galaxies and Application to Observational Data
Atsuko Kawakita

Galaxy morphology at 0.5<z<1.0 with VIPERS  pdf
Janusz Krywult

GASiFy: A multiwavelength survey of local galaxies with high sSFR
Matthew Lehnert

22 square degrees to probe the galaxy stellar mass function and density evolutions since z = 1.5
Thibaud Moutard

Confirming z ~ 2 galaxy clusters with HST grism spectroscopy
Gaël Noirot

A panchromatic view of the Herschel Virgo Cluster Survey background sources pdf
Cirino Pappalardo

VIPERS: mass, light and dark energy half a way to the edge of the Universe
Agnieszka Pollo

Velocity and mass functions of cosmic structures
Hiroya Yoshida

Star-forming galaxies at the edge of the universe
Salomé Matos